Mapping the English Left through Film

This project maps the English Left, not the ‘British Left’ – the web-blog slugs for elements of this project are misleading. What can you do, but here they are, the separate draft bits of what appears in the book Mapping the English Left through Film: Twenty Five Uneasy Pieces:



The Labour Party


Socialist Workers Party

Communist Party of Britain


Socialist Appeal

Left Unity


Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century

Socialist Party

Plan C

Alliance for Workers’ Liberty

Socialist Resistance

Revolutionary Communist Group

Workers’ Power

Socialist Party of Great Britain

Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee)

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Action

Communist League

Workers Revolutionary Party

International Socialist League

Socialist Fight

Spartacist League

Fourth International in Manchester Group



You can send any factual corrections or complaints about the representation of your own favourite group to: