The intersection between the personal and the political often takes a conceptual route through the ‘psy complex’ – the dense increasingly globalised network of theories and practices that define and regulate how individuals think and feel – and so it is all the more necessary today to affirm alternatives to such psychologisation. This FIIMG psychopolitics project is designed to combat the mainstream elements of the psy complex – that is, medical psychiatry, adaptive psychology, anaesthetising psychotherapy and reductive psychoanalysis – and to explore how an authentically radical psycho-political approach informed by feminist and Marxist and other liberation movements can keep space open for personal action alongside and intermeshed with political resistance.


Twelve Lessons from Freudo-Marxism

Review of Hamja Ahsan’s Shy Radicals

Free Associations in Psychoanalysis, one of its Red Threads

Psychoanalysis: Critical Psychology for Liberation Movements